Tuesday, 23 July 2013

Innisfree Creamy Tint Lipstick

as mentioned previously in my haul post, this is the top product out of all my buys from korea
i use it everyday now before i step out of the house, and for any occasion
be it to work, to meet my friends, to school (i foresee), just as long as im heading out!
just 1 swipe of this product gives my face so much colour and brightens it up, and im so addicted to using this!
introducing, the Innisfree Creamy Tint Lipstick!
heres the full range of colours from this line

and innisfree even added on 5 more colours recently

i myself bought shade numbers 5, 4, 15 respectively
#5: 한여름의 햇살 레드 Midsummer Sunshine Red
#4: 상큼한 칵테일 오렌지 Refreshing Cocktail Orange
#15: 사과 레드 Apple Red

i have already started using no #5 immediately after purchasing it in korea
what this product promises:

and swatches

see how vibrant the colours came off!
these are just 2 swipes of each stick

and since it is a tint as well, a little colour remains despite being erased
overall, i must say that this product really lasts long and can brave eating and drinking pretty well
previously in my lipsticks post, i talk about how i use the combination of 2 different lipsticks to achieve my desired lip colour of orangey-red
but now, all i need is just a few swipes of no. #5 to get the same colour!
also, this product sinks in quite nicely between the lines on my lips but isnt obvious about doing so due to the creamy texture
it also doesnt dry out my lips, but retains moisture in them
sometimes when im working long hours, i use this on top of my other 2 lipsticks to emphasize on the colour and altogether, it makes my lips impregnable and invincible to ANYTHING!
i introduced this to my colleague who is also a lipstick mania like myself, and she is also a convert now!
previously she swears by expensive western branded lipsticks like Chanel, but after trying this Innisfree one, she proclaims that the latter goes on so much smoother (and cheaper!)
although Innisfree tends to be a little on the expensive side when compared to its fellow market competitors (like Nature Republic and Etude House), i personally feel that its products tend to work better most of the time
for just 12,000원, do give the Innisfree Creamy Tint Lipstick a try!

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